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Preventing Falls For Seniors Before They Happen

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There's no getting around it, falls are scary. In an instant, your mobility can be taken away, and you are left with long lasting injuries that sometimes never go away. Thankfully, with lifestyle changes and preventative care, your fall risk can be greatly reduced so you can feel more confident in your mobility.

Falls are the number one injury risk for people over the age of 65, according to the CDC. One of the most important ways to prevent falls is foot and ankle care. Exercise focused on mobility, protecting your feet, and knowing when to see a doctor are all proven ways to reduce your risk of falling before it happens. We'll focus on the foot and ankle related ways to prevent falling, but it is important to note that getting your eyesight and hearing checked can keep you safe from falls as well.

Proper Footwear

Footwear is one of the best ways to make sure you are being properly supported in your arch and heels. Make sure your shoe has enough room in the toe box without being loose and that the bottom of your shoes are equipped with the right tread and grip relative to the type of walking and exercise you normally do.


Moderate exercise and walking can help build and maintain muscles that keep your legs strong, which keeps you moving! Getting in the habit of prioritizing exercise that works for you, will greatly improve your confidence in your ability to not fall, but it also helps your brain! With benefits like that, its hard to not want to get up and run, but make sure you are maintaining levels of exercise that are within your skill set. Exercise prevents falling as well by improving muscle memory and reducing stiffness in your joints over time.

Inspect Your Feet

Don't neglect foot and ankle care just because you do not notice pain. Regular self examinations can help identify potential issues before they worsen and start causing pain. Being aware of the changes your feet go through over the years and noting that progress can help you prepare for the changes in your foot, like how some peoples arch flattens over the years, or other peoples feet widen. Knowing these types of things can help you plan appropriately for shoes and exercise.

When To See A Doctor

Knowing your limits and when to elevate something beyond home remedies is extremely important. Things like sprains, foot pain, and numbness can increase your risk for falling when left neglected, even if the pain subsides or "mostly" heals up. These types of injuries are common and can be treated by your local podiatrist at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona. With over 5 locations in the valley, we can help you wherever you go. Don't let your mobility be taken away by something like a fall, contact us today to back up on your feet!


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