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Summer Foot & Ankle Care: Tips & Tricks

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Summer is here! As it heats up in the valley, your feet are probably the last thing on your mind! But taking care of your feet and ankles during summer is crucial to live your summer to its fullest potential. We'll break down some of the best ways to make sure your feet are prepared for whatever summer throws at you, from lake days to long road trips!

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key for the summer, not only does it keep your body functioning, but it also helps to minimize the swelling your feet can experience from heat or long periods of walking. A water bottle is always handy, and some people that don't love water on its own use mint leaves, fruit, or flavoring in their water to enhance the flavor!

Proper Footwear

We know, you've heard it over and over. But if you can, minimize the time spent in flip flops and wear shoes that support your arch and protect your feet from the heat. Shoes like sandals and flip flops also leave the tops of your feet vulnerable to sunburns. Flip flops and sandals have their place though, these shoes are great for the beach, lake or community pool as they can shield your feet from bacterial infections, and prevent slipping in wet areas.


Summer seems to always bring at least one long car ride with it. Whether you are traveling across the country, or just driving an hour up to Lake Pleasant, long car rides can cause stiffness, cramps and limit blood flow. Make semi-frequent stops and get out to briefly stretch. If it's a shorter distance being traveled, getting some movement in before and after the car ride is a great way to keep your blood flowing and reduce your chance of getting swollen feet before they even have a chance to swell up!

The Right Socks

Everybody does it. Sweat is a part of life even if you are not an athlete. Making sure that the socks you wear are breathable and right for the shoes you wear can help keep your feet dry and prevent blisters as well as fungal infections. Your socks should be changed daily, and sometimes you might have to use one or two extra pairs to keep your feet fresh and dry. A breathable fabric like cotton or the performance fabric that has ventilation is a great way to keep your feet feeling their best all summer long.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized & Exfoliated

When you feet are taken care of with lotion and gently exfoliated with a pumice stone, they can be in tip top shape even if you are barefoot most of the summer. Cracked heels can be caused by walking excessively in hot summer air and can cause your skin on the bottom of your foot to thicken, harden, and crack.

Monitor Your Feet

It can be easy to ignore your feet in the summer, but taking the time to inspect your feet every so often is one of the best ways to make sure your feet are in the best shape possible for summer. Inspecting the bottoms of your feet, noting your range of motion in your ankle and taking action when you notice pain or inflammation is crucial. Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona has over 5 locations to get you back up and running in the valley. Contact us today to get your feet back on track before summer ends!


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