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Winter Foot & Ankle Care: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Apr 10

All too often, people neglect their foot and ankle care in the winter due to the weather or the holidays, but winter is one of the most important times of the year to take care of your feet and ankles.

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Tip #1 - Moisturize Regularly!

Cracked, dry feet can cause pain and discomfort. Moisturizing frequently with lotion prevents cracks and calluses from forming and helps to make sure your feet are not too dry!

Tip #2 - Stretch Your Feet With Light Activity Before Exercise

Warming up and stretching your feet/ankles before any exercise is a great way to make sure you are not feeling stiff or sore after you exercise. Do what works for you, and never stretch past what is comfortable for you. Always make sure the warmup you are doing is warming up the right muscles.

Tip #3 - Keep Feet Clean & Dry

While this one might seem obvious, it is still just as important! Keeping feet clean and dry prevents blisters, warts, fungal problems and infections from occuring in your feet. Remembering to change your socks once a day and not wearing shoes all day will help to keep your feet looking the best they can!

Tip #4 - Keep Toenails Trimmed

During the winter time, it can be easy to throw a pair of socks on and forget about your feet! But your toenails still grow in the winter too! It is important to keep your toenails trimmed to prevent ingrown toenails, fungal infections and to make sure your feet are as clean and healthy as they can be!

Tip #5 - Wear The Right Shoes For The Right Activity

Lastly, always make sure the shoes you are wearing are the right ones for your activities and lifestyle. You wouldn't go to the beach in hiking boots! Likewise, you wouldnt wear flip flops in the snow, making sure you have the right shoe for the right activity prevents injury and means you can fully enjoy yourself without having to worry about any foot and ankle problems!

Need Help Getting Back On Track?

Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona is here for you, no foot and ankle problem is too big or small, contact us today to get the help you deserve!


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