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5 Fun Foot & Ankle Facts!

Updated: Feb 20

Here's 5 unique fun facts you might not have known about your feet & ankles!

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Your feet and ankles are part of what helps to keep you upright! Learn more about your feet with these fun facts!

1. The feet have 250,000 sweat glands.

Crazy! The feet are home to more than a quarter-million sweat glands! That’s more per square inch of skin than anywhere else on your body! While feet will always sweat, excessive sweating is often associated with a health condition called hyperhidrosis.

2. Approximately one in three women will develop bunions in their lifetime.

Bunions, or hallux valgus, are bony bumps that form on the big toe’s joint. At the base of the joint, bunions often cause abnormal bony protrusions that can progress and worsen into more discomforting and painful conditions.

3. Each ankle is made up of three bones.

Your ankle isn't just an ankle! Comprised of three bones, the the talus, a triangular-shaped bone, the calcaneus, or heel bone; and the navicular bone on top of the talus. All three bones are connected to the fibula and tibia bones of the lower leg! Crazy!

4. Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries.

Ankle sprains can occur when ligaments around the ankle joint stretch too far or tear. These sprains can happen due to a sudden twist, force, or misstep. To help reduce the risk of an ankle sprain you should wear supportive shoes and stretch your feet and ankles regularly before any exercise or activity.

5. There are 26 bones in each foot.

Together, that is more than 25% of the bones in your entire body! These bones are arranged in 33 joints and several delicate arches that allow us to be the only mammals capable of walking upright!

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